10 Things You May or May Not Know about Steve Prue

22 June 12

Posted at 7:14

Ten Things You may or may not know about Steve Prue

1. He is a firm believer in that certain facts are always true no matter what the sitation:
The hair can never be too big (as his mom would say, "the bigger the hair, the closer to God.")
Nothing is worth doing unless you can overdo it.
There isn't an image created that can't be made better with the addition of either boobs or tentacles.
There's always a pot of coffee brewing somewhere.

2. He's lived in 5 states (and 2 countries overseas), attended 15 schools between kindergarten and college, but when asked where he's from...always answers "North Carolina."

3. He's the son of a rabid amateur photographer and an former art teacher - he's amazed that he still has his vision after the amount of flashbulbs that went off in his face before the age of 5. Thanks dad!

4. His work has been published in various outlets including Playboy, Playboy.com, Penthouse, Zink!, The Village Voice, a bunch of tattoo magazines, couple of books, a slew of websites, been seen on TV (cable and broadcast) but the 2 things he is very proud of...adorning the south wall of my parents living room by the fireplace and that the Jonas Brothers recognize him when he shoots their events.

5. Steve likes coffee...actually loves coffee. He has three coffee tattoos and has been overheard telling someone's mother that if "coffee had boobs, I would marry it." Steve's wife, who was sitting next to him at the time, just sighed.

6. He loves shooting, hates editing. Clings to the belief that if he EVER catchs up on all his editing, the world will end in a sudden cataclysmic conflagration while at the same exact instant, Hell freezes over. He's just slow as fuck to keep y'all safe.

7. He used to be disgusted, now he is just amused.

8. Steve is thanked on the last 9 Motorhead albums and when he dies, is firmly convinced that this will help ease his way into Heaven. Lemmy is God.

9. Other than one studio lighting class a couple years ago, he has no formal photography training. Steve spends a fair amount of time reading books on photography, loves looking at other people's photography, researching photography on the interwebs, experimenting with film and vintage cameras and playing with kittens. Oh yeah, he likes taking pictures of naked girls...a lot.

10. You can find an interview with him here:  Yuhmm Interview with Steve Prue